Wear-resistant coating services

Facility for production of advanced cutting tools has commenced its operations in 2013. Besides producing new cutting tools, the facility has the capability to provide coat and re-coat worn tools under contracts with Customers.


Application of coating consists of two phases:

· Preparations of cutting tool’s surface;

· Applications of coating.

Coating and re-coating of hard-alloy and high-speed steel end-cutting tools (including tools with cooling ducts) Ø ≤135, L≤ 400;


Manufacturing capability of the coating application area:

· Coating of high-wear parts associated with molds and dies, dimensions up to 400×400×700 mm, weight up to50 kg.

Washing machine is utilized to prepare cutting tools’ surfaces. Baths are utilized to remove old coating.


Glassblasting machine is a machine used for glass globule blasting. The machine has a dust catcher.


Microblasting machine is a machine used for fine jet blasting. It has a dust catcher and centrifugal separator to impact surfaces with microspheres.


Sandblasting is used to remove coating from tools as follows:

· Glass beads impact method – this method is used to process high-speed steel tools to remove burrs from the cutting edge;

· Microabrasive powder method – this method is used for both high-speed steel and hard-alloy tools to improve adhesion during the coating process.


Preparation of cutting edge is performed using machines:

Degassing furnace is utilized to ensure ultimate removal of possible contamination, fluid from lubricating & cooling ducts as well as residual flux from tools with brazed-on plates. Then tooling and tools are collected and loaded into Vacuum Coating Machine. 

Phase two is the application of coating proper on tools in vacuum at the temperature of 550°С. The existing technology allows to apply coating both on tools made of high-speed steel and hard alloys. At present, two types of titanium-base and nitride-base coating are available: BalinitA, FuturaNano, and two types of aluminium-base and chromium-base coating: AlcronaPro, Allnova.

Application of these innovative coatings increases tools’ wear-resistance and provide quality not worse than the quality of import analogs produced by such world leaders as Mitsubishi, Sandvik, Iscar, Guhring and others.