Testing and «PrikamTest» testing facility


JSC «Votkinsky zavod» has a wide variety of test equipment.

Most of the workshops have hydraulic and pneumatic testing equipment that tests for strength and tightness with pressure up to 1200 atm and 350 atm respectively. The volume of vessels that can be tested is up to 3000 l.

We have power floors and other equipment that enables static testing to be conducted on assembly units in various directions with total load up to 300 ton.


Additionally, we utilize the following equipment:

  • climatic test chamber,  up to 2 m3in volume, testing temperature range – 60 ˚С to + 100 ˚С;
  • impact load test machine, acceleration up to 125g,: impacts-per-minute rate – 120;
  • vibration test machine, up to 2500 Hz;
  • linear acceleration test machine, up to 100g.

«PrikamTest» test center

«PrikamTest» test center is an independent structural division of JSC «Votkinsky zavod» having its own bank account.

«PrikamTest» test center provides certification tests of products under GOST R System in accordance with declared accreditation area and accreditation certificate № RA.RU.22АЯ33.

«PrikamTest» test center employs experts capable of testing all kinds of products you need to have tested. Part of our expert team is a Candidate in Engineering Science and an Expert in Product Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliance (certificate of expertise № РОСС RU.0001.31015789 dated August 10, 2017).
The total area of «PrikamTest» test center is 3 323 m².

The following laboratories operate within the test center:

  1. Laboratory for electrical tests.
  2. Laboratory for climatic and mechanical tests.
  3. Laboratory for processing of tests results.

Laboratory for electrical tests performs testing of over 400 kinds of machine building, oil and gas as well as power supply equipment.

This laboratory performs the following types of tests:

  • abnormal operations test (product safety test that implies purposeful creation of problems within a product that are likely to occur during product use);
  • electrical safety test;
  • heating test;
  • product design test for compliance with electrical and mechanical safety requirements;
  • strength and tightness test;
  • mechanical strength test;
  • measuring resistance in insulation of devices, cables, and other lines; measuring resistance of grounding;
  • measurements of leakage current (across insulation and through insulation);
  • measuring noise and vibration parameters of product;
  • electromagnetic compatibility.

Laboratory for climatic and mechanical tests utilizes the following equipment:

  • climatic chambers with net volume 0,4 m³ and 40 m³ are used to conduct tests:
    • within temperature ranges from -60 ºС to +90 ºС;
    • within temperature ranges from +20 ºС to +35 ºС and humidity (96±4)%;
    • at temperature 60 ºС and humidity (85±5)%.
  • machines for testing of non-metallic materials for heat resistance, fire resistance, and tracking resistance;
  • hydraulic machines with pressure limits up to 1000 kg/cm² (100 МPа);
  • pneumatic machines with pressure up to 400 kg/сm² (40 МPа);
  • equipment for transport tests with payload up to 150 kg;
  • equipment for cables testing;
  • equipment for salt mist resistance tests;
  • equipment for measurement of linear and angle dimensions as well as surface quality;
  • equipment for testing of metals and alloys compositions;
  • equipment for testing sinusoidal vibration and impacts with load up to 120 kg
  • moisture resistance test machines compliant with GOST 14254.

In addition, this laboratory is certified to perform the following work:

  • gate valves testing within temperature ranges from -60 ºС to +80 ºС;
  • oil and gas equipment testing;
  • certification of high-tech electric equipment for oil and gas production.

Laboratory for processing of tests results prepares and issues test reports as well as executes contracts for tests performed by «PrikamTest» test center.