Machining operations

Significant part of our company’s extensive machinery pool are Computer numerical control (CNC) around 500 each in number. 

Over the course of recent years we have been purchasing absolutely new types of machines that meet up-to-date requirements for metal machining, new technologies and CNC systems. 

Pool of lathes includes up-to-date CNC machines with machining center capabilities. They are used to machine intricate profile parts with simultaneous drilling and milling both along the part’s axis and with axial displacement, with 8-10 quality class accuracy.

The pool of large-sized vertical lathes is being augmented with modern Computer numeric control machines (CNC machines) that have the following extra capabilities:

  • Accuracy of milling 0.01 mm;
  • Machining of holes, profile contours in various planes, threading (maximum diameter that can be machined is up to 3500 mm)..

Milling operations involve up-to-date vertical machining centers (including portal one) as well as horizontal machining centers. Some machines are equipped with CN rotating tables that allows to machine intricate profile parts in 5-coordinates under high density of process operations and with 0.01 mm accuracy.

Integrated 5-coordinate processing using methods of power linear and contour milling, drilling, core-drilling and boring on CNC machines. Workpieces having maximum dimensions of 1800×2000×1400 mm and up to 8 tons in weight can be machined using up to 60 purchased cutting tools. 

Machining centers that provide 0.005 accuracy are used for high-speed machining.

CNC grinding machines are utilized to perform grinding operations.

We have been utilizing Electric Discharge Machining since long time ago now and this method is going through continuous improvement due to on-going acquisition of new up-to-date  machines.

Process capabilities

  • Turning:
    • Ø3000×10000 mm, weight up to 10 tons.
  • Vertical milling/boring:
    • Ø4000×1650 mm weight up to 15 tons.
  • Milling:
    • 3-coordinate — mm maximum dimensions, weight 20 tons;
    • 5-coordinate — mm maximum dimensions, weight 8 tons.
  • Horizontal boring:
    • 2200×2900×2900 mm max, weight 64 ton.
  • Coordinate boring:
    • 1400×1400×2240 mm max, weigh 2,5 ton.
  • Grinding:
    • cylindrical — Ø350×1400 mm, weight 1 ton;
    • internal — Ø300×600 mm, weight 0,5 tons;
    • surface — 1100×1500×4500 mm max, weigh 6 tons.
  • Gear machining:
    • gear milling — 16 mm max. module, maximum diameter Ø1250 mm;
    • gear shaping — 8 mm max. module, maximum diameter Ø500 mm (crown width 100 mm max., part height 200 mm max.);
    • gear rounding — module 1 to 6 mm, Ø20 to 320 mm;
    • gear planning for straight conical gear wheels — 10 mm max. module, max. diameter Ø500 mm;
    • gear cutting on round conical pairs — 8 mm max. module, max. diameter Ø500 mm;
    • gear grinding — 12 mm. max. module, max. diameter Ø630 mm.
  • Spline machining:
    • spline milling — Ø250 mm max. (above support), max. diameter Ø500 mm (above guides), 3 mm max. module, cutting length 1000 mm;
    • spline grinding — max. diameter Ø125 mm (machining), max. diameter Ø320 mm (part), max. machining length 850 mm, max. part length 1000 mm.
  • Planing:
    • max. dimensions 900×1000×3200 mm, weight 1,5 ton.
  • Broaching:
    • мax. diameter Ø600, max. length 1200 mm (with tool (broach) length 400 to 1365 mm.
  • Electric discharge machining:
    • cutting and drilling of intricate profile holes and cavities.