Services and Technology

  • Production of blanks
    The type of cutting represents burn of metal in an oxygen jet. Oxygen jet cuts heated metal and removes resulting oxides simultaneously. Low-carbon steels are the easiest to cut this way....
  • Machining operations
    Significant part of our company’s extensive machinery pool are Computer numerical control (CNC) around 500 each in number. Over the course of recent years we have been purchasing absolutely new types of machines that meet up-to-date requirements for metal machining, new technologies and CNC systems...
  • Welding operations
    Metal structures made of structural, stainless and heat-resistant steels and alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys. Dimensions up to 4000x3500x12000 mm under 20 tons in weight.
  • Testing and «PrikamTest» testing facility
    «PrikamTest» test center provides certification tests of products under GOST R System in accordance with declared accreditation area and accreditation certificate № РОСС RU.0001.22АЯ33, valid to May 24, 2016.
  • Plastics’ processing and coatings
    Compression molding of thermosetting plastics and commercial rubber products is performed by 5 – 630-ton molding machines. Galvanics (electrochemical and chemical coatings): galvanizing, cadmium plating, anodizing, phosphating, copper plating, electropolishing of stainless steel...
  • Wear-resistant coating services
    Facility for production of advanced cutting tools has commenced its operations in 2013. Besides producing new cutting tools, the facility has the capability to provide coat and re-coat worn tools under contracts with Customers.