Unique research equipment

Research reactor IRV.M2 (ИРВ.М2)

The prime function of this reactor is to support research activities related to study of impact exerted by neutron radiation on the operational characteristics of control and safety systems in nuclear stations and other facilities where nuclear energy is utilized as well as elements of armaments control systems.



  It is located in the central zone of research reactor IRV.M2 (ИРВ.М2) (i.e., the zone where fuel assemblies are located) and provides radiation protection.


  • Mass: 1780 kg;
  • Dimensions: ø1576, height 700  mm;
  • Materials: aluminum alloys, graphite.


Upper blocking 


It is the biological protection element.

Technical characteristics:

  • Mass: 28 650 kg;
  • Dimensions: 9180×3920×620 mm;
  • Material: stainless steels.