Unique research equipment

Big and small fly-wheels for ATLAS detector


The Big Hadron Collider (BHC) is an international project implemented by joint effort of twenty countries. It is already referred to as the “Project of the Century”.
Some equipment for this fantastic structure was manufactured by Votkinsky zavod.

This machine, the most powerful circular superconductive particle accelerator in history, may be able to provide a genuine research breakthrough: prove or disprove the sensational theory of Russian scientists that journeys through time can be a possibility. The particle accelerator is located at a depth of 100 meters underground; the length of its circumference is about 30 km.
Votkinsky zavod has taken part in construction of the big fly-wheel and small fly-wheel for the ATLAS detector.

Developed European countries did not venture to take on such a challenging work because the required accuracy to manufacture specific components is average 0.15 mm per 18 meters.