Unique research equipment

Throughout its history, Votkinsky zavod has completed numerous unique projects. Votkinsky zavod manufactured the big-size and small-size «wheels» for the ATLAS detector of the Big Hydron Collider in the International Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva (Switzerland) under the contract with G.I. Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of the RF Academy of Sciences.


Another not less challenging project was manufacturing of «Vibrospindle-160» under the contract with Izhevsk Research Technological Institute «Progress». This product is an important component of the hard-to-process materials deep-drilling machine. The Customer has originally contacted Swedish and Czech high-precision equipment manufacturers, however they all have declined to participate in the tender because of their technical incapability to manufacture components and complete assembly with required level of accuracy.


Under the contract with the USSR Academy of Sciences, Votkinsky zavod manufactured equipment (designed by N.A.Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering) of the Moscow Meson Factory for the Nuclear Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the city Troitsk. The first Russian nuclear reactor IRV.М2 (designed by N.A. Dollezhal NIKIET and GSPI) was manufactured for FGUP Research Institute «Priborov», city of Lytkarino. Equipment for the Neutron Therapy Medical Facility (NTMF) was manufactured under the contract with Medical Radiological Research Center (GU MRNC RAMN), Obninsk. Engineering solutions utilized are unique in the world.