Stop valve

Globe valves

Full-opening globe valves

Globe valves are used on pipe lines transporting aggressive and non-aggressive substances (natural gas, liquid and light-end products, water, acids, alkalis).

They are manufactured in four types: coupled, flanged, nipple, for welding.


  • Valve body: steel 20, 09G2S (09Г2С), 12H18N10T (12Х18Н10T);
  • Valve ball and spindle: 14H17N2 (14Х17Н2), 12H18N10T (12Х18Н10T);
  • Nominal bore: 6 –200 mm;
  • Nominal pressure:  1,6 - 16 MPa;
  • Temperature of  working media:-60°Cto +150°C;
  • Latch mechanism leak resistance: class A GOST 9544-2005;
  • Climatic modification: GOST 15150-60;
  • Warranty period: 600 cycles;
  • Sealing material: fluoroplastic F4 (Ф4) or F4K20 (Ф4К20).