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Steam fitting assembly

Heat-resistant steam fitting assembly ATP50-16-350 (АТП50-16-350)

Heat-resistant steam fitting assembly is designed to suspend equipment and provide sealing for steam-injection wellheads in order to inject heating medium and support oil field research activities.

Technical characteristics of ATP50-16-350 (АТП50-16-350):

  • Maximum pressure of heating medium at 350°С: 16 МPа;
  • Working medium: wet steam, dry steam, water;
  • Valve’s nominal bore: 50 mm;
  • Maximum stroke of temperature compensator rod, not less: 5000 mm;
  • Diameter of casing: 168 mm;
  • Diameter of heat-insulated pipe string: 89 mm;
  • Ambient temperature: from −60°С to +45 °С;
  • Overall dimensions:
    • length, not more than, 2100 mm;
    • width, not more than, 1200 mm;
    • height from wellhead, not more than, 2700 mm.
  • Weight: 1500 kg.

As required by Rostechnadzor (Federal Agency of Russian Federation for Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision), this steam fitting assembly has remote control system with safety enclosure.