Overhaul and well-service equipment


Hydraulic and mechanical packer PGM-195 (ПГМ-195)

It is installed inside uncased oil and gas wells during surveying and insulation of absorbing zones.

Distinctive features:

  • Ensures operation inside casing strings 146 mm in diameter.
  • Can be installed anywhere inside the flow string.
  • Packer can be installed and uninstalled without having to rotate the flow string.
  • Consists of three main parts: anchor, packing unit and connecting pipe.

Technical characteristics:

  • Allowable pressure drop to packer, not more than 16 MPa;
  • Pressure drop for setting of packer: 2 - 3 MPa;
  • Axial load to rubber sealing elements for setting of packer: not less than 120 kN;
  • Working medium: water, clay mortars, cement mortars;
  • Working medium’s temperature: not more than 100 °C;
  • Packer mandrel’s flow section diameter: not less than 70 mm;
  • Friction blocks’ diameter while in transfer position: not more than 193 mm;
  • Diameter of friction blocks’ coming out into operating position: not less than 230 mm;
  • Connecting threading: Z-147 (З-147) (GOST 5286-75);
  • Overall dimensions while in transfer position:
    • external diameter: not more than 195 mm;
    • length, not more, 2260 mm.
  • Packer weight without packaging: not more than 240 kg;
  • Manufactured and delivered per TU 3661-064-07538145-97.

DO NOT use the packer when working medium’s temperature is over 100 °C!

Packer PVM-2-122/50 (ПВМ-2-122/50)

They are designed to pack flow string inside the casing string during bottomhole zone treatment operations. 

Range of application: development and exploitation of oil, gas and gas-condensate wells, formation hydraulic fracturing, tracing of leakage in casing string, jet pump operations, repair and insulation operations, other types of maintenance, repair and process operations requiring  built-up of overpressure both above and below the packer.


  • Maximum differential pressure taken by packer: 50 MPa;
  • Maximum axial thrust:
    • packer seating: 150 kN;
    • packer release: 80 kN.
  • Working medium: water, mud, chemical agents;
  • Working medium’s temperature: not to exceed 100 °C;
  • External diameter: 122 mm;
  • Diameter of passage opening: 43 mm;
  • Connecting threading per GOST 633-80: 73 tubing;
  • Flow strings per GOST 632-80 separated by packer: 146×7 - 9.5 mm;
  • Maximum length: 890 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of slip socket mechanism coming out into on-position: 137 mm;
  • Weight without packaging: 29,5 kg.


Anchor latch YaG-2-118/122-300 (ЯГ-2-118/122-300) 

      They are designed to hold the packer in place of its installation while well repair is in progress and stimulation of formation is on-going.


  • Working pressure: 30 MPa;
  • Working medium: water, mud, chemical agents;
  • Working medium’s temperature: not more than 130 °C;
  • External diameter: 122 mm;
  • Diameter of passage opening: 49 mm;
  • Connecting threading per GOST 633-80:
    • coupling: 73 tubing;
    • nipple: 73 tubing.
  • External diameter of friction blocks’ coming out into on-position: 132 mm;
  • Overall dimensions in transfer position:
    • diameter: 118 mm;
    • length: 512 mm.
  • Weight: 21 kg.

Drillable replaceable packer PRS-195 (ПРС-195)

It is used in conjunction with hydraulic head of PRM-195 (ПРМ-195) packer assembly instead of PRM-195.040-01 (ПРМ-195.040-01) replaceable packer as a seal for separation of hole annulus from absorbing zones in the process of insulation of such zones in wells 216 mm in diameter.

Technical characteristics:

  • Packer’s maximum external diameter (with shoe): 200 mm;
  • Cup’s external diameter: 195+1 mm;
  • Packer’s length: 685 - 692 mm;
  • Packer mandrel’s flow section diameter: 25 mm;
  • Seat flow section diameter: 70 mm;
  • Connecting threading for screwing-off with hydraulic head: single trapezoidal left-hand thread Tr 100×5 LH (GOST 9484-81);
  • Pressure inside packer mandrel at setting of packer with blanked-off packer mandrel opening: 75 - 90 kgf/cm2;
  • Nominal borehole diameter: 216 mm;
  • Maximum borehole diameter: 224 mm;
  • Working medium: water, cement or mud solution;
  • Weight of packer: 31 kg;
  • Climatic modification: Moderate and cold (UHL2) (УХЛ2).
  • Ambient temperature range during storage: from -50 to +50 °C;

To allow use of open-channel packer, packer is equipped with seat PRS-195.009 (ПРС-195.009) and plug fitting 195.100 to enable plugging of packer mandrel’s channel once the well is plugged-back.