Gas equipment

Odorant transport containers

MNM Odorant transport container

Container is used to transport and store MNM odorant (mix of natural mercaptans).

Containers are shipped on the flatbed cars by water and motor transport with ambient air temperature range from-40 °Cto +50 °C; containers are installed outside production building.

Container may have automatic indicator of odorant level (according to the contract), and has inspection holes to monitor odorant level.



  • Working pressure during transportation: 1,6 (16) MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • Working pressure during emptying: 1,2 (12) MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • Test pressure: 2,5 (25) MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • Working temperature range:

        o  -40 °Cto +50 °C(for operations in moderate environment U1 (У1);

        o  -60 °Cto +40 °C(for operations in cold environment HL1 (ХЛ1);

  • Seismic stability: 6 points;
  • Nominal storage capacity: not less 2,5 m3;
  • Active volume: not less 1,8 m3;
  • Dimensions: diameter/length: 1220/2500 mm;
  • Weight:1520 kg;
  • Body material: 17G1S-U (17Г1С-У) (modification for operations in moderate environment U1 (У1),     12G2SB (12Г2СБ) (modification for operations in cold environment HL1 (ХЛ1);
  • Manufactured and delivered per: TU 3615-001-00209409-96.