Formation pressure maintenance equipment

TsNS 180 (ЦНС 180) pumps can now be upgraded in the course of their overhaul

Simultaneously with production of TsNSA 180 (ЦНСА 180) pumps, “Votkinsky zavod” has designed and successfully manufactured the new flow passage that enables to perform overhaul on TsNS 180 (ЦНС 180) pumps (including pumps manufactured by JSC “Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science Production Association”), increase their efficiency and improve performance.
The new flow passage can be replaced in the course TsNS 180 (ЦНС 180) pump overhaul either as one piece or in parts (impeller, guide vane, etc.) based upon pump’s Punch List.

Technical strengths:

  • Changed geometry of impeller blade and guide vanes in the flow passage resulted in almost complete elimination of blade vibration and increased efficiency of pump.
  • Impeller surface is now coated with powder enamel which reduces hydraulic losses during impeller operations.
  • Stage efficiency is now greater.
  • When upgraded flow passage is utilized, the overall efficiency of repaired pump at р=1000 kg/m3 in actual field conditions becomes not less than 75%.
  • Application of tried-and-true design solution for the floating slot seals provides constantly high efficiency during pump operations.
  • Long-term record of pump’s field operations (since 1997) proved efficiency of using high-duty and corrosion-resistant surfacing upon pump impeller necks.
  • Service life of end seals has been increased through use of silicon carbide sealing rings.
  • For use in highly aggressive media, flow passage is made of chromic-nickel-molybdenum alloy.
  • Bearing friction couples are now made of Phenolic Triboengineering Carbon Fiber or silicon carbide (per Customer’s request) which have better friction properties versus analogues thus increasing assembly’s service life.
  • Per customer’s request, bearing assembly’s cooling system can be provided in the following options: cooling by pumped media; cooling by ambient air or traditional cooling – cooling through use of oil station.
  • Use of impeller-to-impeller sealing rings made of oil- and gasoline-resistant rubber prevents rotor shaft erosion.

The pump can overhauled either by specialists of the Technical Center of JSC “Trading house “Votkinsky Zavod” who have many years’ experience in overhaul and maintenance of reservoir pressure maintenance systems’ pumping equipment; or by oil companies.