Formation pressure maintenance equipment

Adjustable Fluid Couplings MGR (МГР)

They are used in pumping units’ drives of reservoir pressure maintenance systems; oil/petroleum products main pipelines; power-supply systems of heat-generating plants, heating supply systems as well as in other industries where pumping equipment is used. 


  • Available rated capacity: 800, 1250, 1600 kW;
  • Engine rotation speed: 3000 rpm;
  • Pump’s maximum rotating frequency: 2910 rpm;
  • Slippage at full load: not more than 2,0%;
  • Load control range: not more than 25 — 100%;
  • Efficiency factor in nominal mode: 97%;
  • Minimal distance between the ends of driving and driven shafts: 200 mm;
  • Mean time to failure: not less than 10000 hours;
  • Assigned life: not less than 40000 hours;
  • Service life: 8 years;
  • Noise level: not to exceed 50 dB;
  • Oil volume in the oil tank: 0,7 m3.

Main pros of using Adjustable Fluid Couplings:

  • Minimization of starting currents, that are, for direct starts, 6-7 times greater than rated currents for asynchronous motors;
  • Elimination of impact loads upon electric  motor windings, bearings, power engine shaft;
  • Elimination of impact loads upon pump impellers, shaft, bearings, end seals;
  • Elimination of hydraulic impact upon equipment and piping systems;
  • Ensures that drive’s capacity as well as pump’s revolutions per minute are switched in the continuous variations mode;
  • Minimizes rotatory oscillations and vibrations in pumps and power supply equipment;
  • Provides an opportunity to install fluid coupling within the systems operated without the need to change location of engine and pump upon the frame;
  • Easy and reliable operations;
  • Adjustable Fluid Coupling provides soft start, torque transmission as well as smooth variable adjustment of pump’s rotary speed when motor’s rotary speed is constant;
  • Adjustable Fluid Coupling can be controlled either remotely by using control panel or in the manual mode;
  • Adjustable Fluid Coupling can operate as a part of the following pumping units: centrifugal pump TsNS (ЦНС), extra-pressure pump PE (ПЭ), network electric pump SE (СЭ) as well as other centrifugal pumps where drives up to 1600 kW  in capacity are used;
  • Adjustable Fluid Couplings are import-substituting items; i.e., they are not manufactured by any other business in Russia.

Torque moment chart, MGR (МГР) 1250:  

Operating principle:

Adjustable Fluid Couplings are classified as hydrodynamic transmissions with pump- and turbine-type impellers. 
Turbine oil is used as operating fluid.
When pump impeller’s blading system impacts the operating fluid, the latter comes into turbine impeller’s blading system and causes it to rotate along with a slave rotor. Throughout the course of operations, operating fluid is continually supplied into fluid coupling’s blading system and removed and pumped away from the fluid coupling.
Slave rotor’s angular velocity is normally controlled by changing levels of operating fluid in the fluid coupling’s blading system.