Drilling equipment

Production tooling for casing strings

Throttle check valves

This equipment is designed to ensure that casing string lowered into well is continuously self-filled with flushing liquid. It also allows to prevent liquid (cementing mud) from flowing back from annular space into casing string during the cementing process. Check valve allows lower casing string either with or without ball installed above the valve seat which ensures that casing string lowered into well is self-filled with flushing liquid.


Casing shoes

Casing shoes are used to prevent casing string’s bottom end from crushing as it lowers into well. The forward shoe plug is made of drillable material (textolite) for ease of drilling. Shoe design is simple, user-friendly and reliable for better lowering process. It ensures that no metal is present in the well during further drilling.


Upper cementing plugs

Used during well cementing (grouting) operations to segregate grouting mud and displacement mud pumped through the casing string as well as to clean casing string’s inner surfaces from cement residue and obtain signal («stop») that cementing process has been finished.