Drilling equipment

Power swivel units

Power swivel unit is a set of equipment that ensures that swivel is operated in self-contained mode. The unit is sledge-mounted and has enclosed housing.


·   Load capacity: 60 ton;

·   Working fluid pressure in hydraulic system:


    o  rated 20 МPа;

    o  maximum 28 МPа.


·   Rated drift diameter of swivel stem:60 mm;

·  Flushingfluid pressure, max: 15 МPа;

·   Maximum torque at swivel stem: 10000 N·m;

·   Number of revolutions of swivel stem: 0-150 rpm;

·   Stem revolution control: infinitely variable control;

·   Unit overall dimensions:


    o  Length, min 5400 mm;

    o  Width, min2220 mm;

    o  Height, min2300 mm.


·   Mean time between failures: 300 h;

·   Mean life to overhaul: 2 years;

Service life till retirement, min: 8 years.