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Core sampling equipment


Core barrels



Small-sized core barrel UKS-U-109/67 (УКС-У-109/67)

Short length of this core barrel model (4 meters) and presence of flexible joint in the design allows to conduct core sampling as angle changes without having to interfere with drilling program. To take core samples in well sections that have small angle deflections, as well as in vertical and horizontal sections, core barrel UKS-U-109/67 (УКС-У-109/67) can be used with core lifter capable of taking and holding6 meters of core.

PDC drilling heads, bit sizes 118/67, 120,6/67, 122/67, 138,1/67 and 139,7/67 used to handle different types of rocks as well as different kinds of sample cutters (including chucks with diamond coating) are designed to work as a system compatible with core barrel UKS-U-109/67 (УКС-У-109/67). Use of all this equipment as a system ensures very high core recovery percentage.



·         Core barrel length: for directional drilling (at motor shaft):4033 mm;

·         Core barrel length: for rotary drilling:6525 mm;

·         Core barrel mass: 125 —160 kg;

·         Recommended diameter of drilling head: 118 — 139,7 mm;

·         Length of core receiver: for rotary drilling:6105 mm;

·         Length of core receiver: for directional drilling (at motor shaft): 3080 mm;

·         Core diameter:67 mm;

·         Upper centralizer’s diameter:2 mmsmaller than drilling head’s diameter;

·         Core barrel’s diameter in middle part:105 mm;

·         Diameter of drain bore ball: 25,4 mm;

·         Diameter of core barrel housing’s mating parts:109 mm.




Sample cutters

Our company serially produces sample cutters in different standard sizes for most Russian-made core barrel models such as UKR (УКР), SKU (СКУ), UKS-U (УКС-У) as well as for imported core barrel models «DBS Security» and «Baker Hughes».

Use of different types of cutters (ranging from “spring-finger” used for loose and dry rock to “dual-chuck” used for hard rock) ensures 100% of core recovery in rocks of various drillability classes. Cutters have hard-alloy coating to ensure that core samples are collected easily in the bottomhole. Hard-alloy diamond coating applied on chucks’ inner surfaces provides reliable hold of core sample being lifted. To decrease core sample’s wash-out during drilling, sample cutters have additional bushing that prevents core samples’ exposure to drilling mud. Due to presence of rotating shoe in lever-type sample cutters, core lifter does not rotate during sampling thus reducing friction between core sample and core lifter and increasing core recovery percentage.






У КРЦ2-52

Core barrel УКР-122/52, СКУ-122/52

У КР2-67

Core barrel УКР-122/67, СКУ-122/67

Spare parts for  УКР2-67:

lever cutter УРР-6;

tool to assemble sample cutter d =67 mm.


У КРЦ — 67А

Core barrel УКС-У-109/67 (SP ZAO «UDOL»)

Spare parts for У КРЦ-67А:

·                            lever cutter УРР-67;

 chuck cutter УЦР-67А (with diamond coating).




У КЦ — 80

Core barrel УКР-164/80


У КЦР — 80

Core barrel УКР-164/80


У КРЦВ — 80

Core barrel УКР-164/80


Spare parts for У КЦ — 80, У КЦР — 80, У КРЦВ — 80:

·                              lever cutter УРР-80;

·                              chuck cutter УЦР-80;

·                              tool to assemble sample cutter d =80 mm.



У КЦ — 100

Core barrel
СКУ-172/100, УКР-172/100


У КЦР — 100

Core barrel
СКУ-172/100, УКР-172/100


У КРЦВ — 100

Core barrel
СКУ-172/100, УКР-172/100


Spare parts for У КЦ-100, У КЦР-100, У КРЦВ- 100:

·                              lever cutter УРР-100;

·                              rotating lever cutter УРРВ-100;

·                              chuck cutter УЦР-100 (101,6);

·                              tool to assemble sample cutter d =100 mm.



У КЦ — 101,6

Core barrel «Security DBS» 6-3/4"x4″ (171,4/101,6)


У КЦ2-101,6

Core barrel «Security DBS» 6-3/4"x4″ (171,4/101,6)


У КРЦВ- 101,6

Core barrel «Security DBS» 6-3/4"x4″ (171,4/101,6)


Spare parts for У КЦ- 101,6; У КЦ2- 101,6; У КРЦВ — 101,6:

·                              lever cutter УЦР-101,6 (100);

·                              chuck cutter УРР-101,6;

·                              sample cutter bushing (shoe) РС-3604.003;

·                              tool to assemble sample cutter d =101,6 mm.