Oil and gas equipment

Joint Stock Company «Votkinsky zavod» manufactures a wide range of equipment for oil and gas business. This equipment has been successfully used in the top Russian oil and gas companies — OAO «Gazprom», OAO «Gazpromneft», OAO «Lukoil», OAO «Rosneft», OAO «Tatneft», OAO «Udmurtneft», OAO «Bashneft», OAO «Surgutneftegaz» and others. We manufacture equipment for servicing and overhaul of wells; pumps and pumping systems for maintenance of formation pressure with 25 up to 240 m3/h capacity; equipment for steam-treatment of wells; stop valves; drill pumps; packers to protect flow tubing from impact of liquid injected into wells; swivels and elevators; PDC bits, power/hydraulic-driven mechanical and automatic tongs, spiders, equipment for development and repair of horizontal wells; gas pressure controllers; odorizers; odorant transportation canisters and etc.


Votkinsky zavod manufactures mechanisms and modules for stationary and mobile drilling rigs; we also manufacture reducers, winches, rotors, transmissions, manifolds and other equipment.


Since 2005 we have been manufacturing Quick-change converging systems (QCS) used to measure gas flow rates. Quick-change converging systems we manufacture have nominal bore 50-1000 mm, pressure up to 16 MPa and can be equipped with flow preparation systems and measuring tubes as an option. Votkinsky zavod is the only business in Russia that manufactures quick-change converging systems in full compliance with National and International metrological standards as well as STO Gazprom standards.