Metallurgical operations

OAO «Votkinsky zavod» has an in-house foundry operations comprising cast-iron manufacturing facility (production rate — 205 tons per month (steel production capacity —105 tons, cast iron production capacity —100 tons) as well as facility for manufacturing special types of casting (production capacity for casting into disposable molds is 30 tons per month).


The following types of casting products are available: sand casting of housing products; steel casting; aluminum sand-and-clay casting; injection molding; casting of aluminum into multiple-use dies; wax steel casting; casting into disposable molds; titanium casting into multiple-use dies and wax casting; manufacturing of friction bearings by centrifugal and gravity babbitting.


We manufacture partly-finished well-control equipment of OKp, AFK, AF models compliant with GOST R 51365-99 (ISO 10423-94) as well as well-head equipment compliant with API standard.