Equipment for nuclear power plants

Units and elements associated with the Moscow meson factory

In 1986-1988, under contract with the Academy of Sciences of USSR, we manufactured equipment for targets of the Meson factory located in the city Troitsk, Moscow region.

The Moscow meson factory (MMF) owned by the Institute for Nuclear Research (INR) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is designed to conduct experiments on high-current proton beams and negative hydrogen ions in the field of physics of elementary particles, atomic nucleus, physics of high-current proton accelerators and neutron sources, physics of condensed media, radiation materials studies, radiochemistry, production of radioactive isotopes for medical and commercial applications, for medical diagnostics, beam- and radio-therapy, research associated with processing of radioactive waste as well as electronuclear method of energy generation and others.

Moscow meson factory includes:

  • High-current linear proton and negative hydrogen ions accelerator, maximum power 600 МeV, mean beam current up to 0,5 мА, pulse current up to 50 мА.
  • Experimental facility with channels of primary and secondary particles of various energy, experimental plants, beams’ diagnostics system.
  • Neutron facility that includes the impulse source of thermal neutrons IN-06 (ИН-06), spectrometer by neutron deceleration time in lead SVZ-100 (СВЗ-100), source of epithermal neutrons RADEX (РАДЭКС) with time-of-flight spectrometer.
  • Radioactive isotopes production facility for medical industry and commercial applications (82Sr, 68Ge, 109Cd, 22Na, 117mSn and others).
  • Beam therapy facility, including X-ray tomograph, X-ray irradiation plant, electronic accelerator for gamma-irradiation, proton beam channel.

Remote detachable seal associated with IN-06 (ИН-06)

Installation process of IN-06 (ИН-06) primary particles channel  Radioisotope system