Equipment for nuclear power plants

Pointing mechanism at the hold-up vessel TsPKU 505512.014 (ЦПКУ 505512.014)

Is designed to point and aim the pipe at slots where fuel assembly will be unloaded at the hold-up vessel. This mechanism ensures that all the slots in the hold-up vessel are pointed at; it also provides biological safety for support personnel.

Shutter section and pointing mechanism at the hold-up vessel are a part of trans-loading facility associated with reactor KLT-40S (КЛТ-40С) and are used to point at the hold-up vessel’s slots as depleted fuel assemblies are trans-loaded.
The product, by its functions, falls under Safety Class 3 under «Procedures for classification and construction of nuclear-powered ships and floating structures».

Technical characteristics:

  • Mass: 16000 kg;
  • Dimensions:
    • height 2800 mm;
    • diameter 2610 mm.
  • Material: stainless steel.