Equipment for nuclear power plants

Intra-site shipment & packaging set associated with quick neutron power generating unit BN-800 (БН-800)

It is a part of equipment pool associated with fresh fuel warehouse.
It is used to ship fresh fuel assemblies from warehouse to reactor’s central room followed by their loading, using trans-loading system, into fresh assemblies’ drum.
Besides, intra-site shipment & packaging set can be used for temporary storage of fresh assemblies. The product’s classification under Norms and Regulations 001-97 (НП-001-97) is 3N (3Н).

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of slots for assemblies: 36;
  • Product’s dimensions:
    • diameter Ø 02080;
    • height 3935 мм.
  • Mass of empty intra-site shipment & packaging set: 14900 kg;
  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum alloys;
  • Manufactured and supplied: 6 containers.