Equipment for nuclear power plants

Bottom 1641-10-0001

The bottom is a floor for the cutting chamber. It is a structure made of sheet stainless steel. The surface of the bottom is tilted towards the drain hole used for preliminary filtering and drainage of washing liquids into the sump.


The bottom has holes with shell rings for mounting of hatches with covers (depleted fuel assemblies reception covers, shaft cover, case cover, etc.); two depleted fuel assemblies collectors, two depleted fuel assemblies’ lifts with turn-over device, two cutting mills with clutches, four rotary sockets with pneumatic clamps, back-up shafts, transportation pipe (to change sump and filters located in the bottom part of the box), slots for solid radioactive wastes containers and other equipment.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions:
    • length 11970 mm;
    • width 2800 mm;
    • height 414 mm.
  • Mass: 4110 kg.