Equipment for nuclear fuel cycle facilities

Plutonium dioxide batching chamber А.40.535.000

Protective chambers are a part of equipment pool associated with MOX-fuel (plutonium dioxide) tablets production facility for quick neutron reactors BN-800 (БН-800) at FSUE “Gorno-himichesky kombinat”, Zheleznogorsk.

Plutonium dioxide batching chamber А.40.535.000 is used to batch original plutonium dioxide powder as well as scrap into containers associated with vortex grinding unit BR-1 (БР-1), trans-load prepared plutonium dioxide batches into containers associated with of BR-1 (БР-1) unit; take samples of plutonium dioxide powder for analysis.


Batching chamber includes chamber with overhead coordinate crane and nitrogen supply system that includes body, roof as well as depot.