Equipment for nuclear business

Since early 1950s, A.P. Aleksandrov, member of Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, has been in charge of research and manufacturing effort of first Soviet research reactors at Votkinsky zavod.
The next step that was taken was manufacturing of reactor for atomic-powered ship «Lenin». Years of cooperation with design companies like OAO «NIKIET», OAO «SverdNIIhimmash», OAO «TSKBM», OKB «Gidropress», «OKBM named after I.I. Africantov» and OAO «VNIPIET» brought Votkinsky zavod rich experience in completing contracts for nuclear businesses Customers.
The record of successfully completed projects includes: manufacturing of equipment for solid radioactive waste processing facility for Beloyarsk nuclear power plant-2 and Kudankulam nuclear power plant (India); trans-loading system for KLT-40S nuclear reactor cores in the floating nuclear power plant «Academic M.V. Lomonosov»; intra-site shipping and packaging containers (ISPC) for the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant; protective leak-tight doors of various types for Novovoronezhskaya nuclear power plant-2; earthquake-proof hydraulic shock absorbers for Leningradskaya nuclear power plant-2 and Rostovskaya nuclear power plant; radiation-proof chambers for the tablet MOX-fuel manufacturing facility and testing and demonstration center at FGUP «Gorno-himichesky combinat» in Zheleznogorsk and etc.