Customized equipment

Cooling scrubber 

Provides cooling for hot combustion products coming out of final burn chamber. Performs as the first stage in the gas treatment unit in the shell cases thermal neutralization machine.


Components of this equipment are made of corrosion-resistant heat-resistant alloy HN65MVU (ХН65МВУ) GOST 5632-72.


  • Dimensions:

          o  Housing diameter 2200 mm;

          o  Height  15581 mm.

  • Housing’s working volume: 51,8 m3;
  • Working medium’s temperature:

          o  Input: 1100°С;

          o  Output: 83 to 120°С.

  • Total mass, including lining 12630 kg.


Upon project completion we received words of appreciation from our customers: Ministry of Defence of Great Britain and Department of National Defence of Canada who provided funding for this project as a part of government-to-government agreements with Russian Federation.

Chamber for containers’ thermal-and-air degassing 

Is designed for low-temperature treatment of empty containers being returned for reuse to eliminate possible traces of toxic substances.



  • Dimensions (Length × Width × Height): 23260×4020×4400 mm;
  • Mass:18500 kg;
  • Transporter type: roller conveyer;
  • Container travel speed: 0,073 m/s;
  • Output capacity: 1-4 containers per hour;
  • Air temperature in the heating chamber: 180 °С.

Loading chamber 

Provides separation between the loading area and burn chamber every time when burn chamber input door gets opened.










Burn chamber

Designed to burn organic and toxic components of solid waste being burned. Loading and unloading chambers are located at both input and output sides of the burn chamber.