The big athletic "ship" went on a voyage


The athletic facility built within the factory’s premises in 2014 began its full-scale operations right after the New Year holidays.

The huge and well-lit gym sized 24 by42 metersis good enough to proudly host the most famous athletes. Multi-layer floor made per international standards is covered with shiny Canadian maple parquet. Overhead are adjustable trusses with basketball hoops. A volleyball contest is currently being held in the gym. Volleyball is one of the most favorite athletic activities of factory employees. 42 teams have applied for participation this time.

On the second floor of the athletic facility is the weight & treadmills room where every meter of space is efficiently utilized. Up to 50 people can work-out at the same time in this spacious, 350 square meters room. There are 19 cardio machines: treadmills, exercise bicycles, elliptical machines (that simulate cross-country skiing) and steppers (that simulate stair climbing). All machines are equipped with electronic systems that monitor person’s physical condition, pulse, count burnt calories and have several different work-out programs. Next to them are weight machines that can be used both by beginners and experienced athletes. Kettle-bells and dumbbells are also selected to satisfy all. 

Two aerobics rooms are next-door. They are also completely equipped: mats, step-platforms, fit-balls, dumbbells from 1 to 4 kilos in weight and lots of other equipment. Equipment was purchased per experts’ recommendations.

Experienced instructors are available and ready to explain the work-out process and show what needs to be done.


Our corporate athletic facility meets big city standards. And this is the only corporate athletic facility of such a level built for corporate employees in Udmurtia.

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