Shock absorbers: to be continued


Votkinsky zavod will manufacture 100 shock absorbers for Belorusskaia nuclear power plant currently under construction. Preparation for this manufacturing effort has already commenced.

Shock absorbers will be installed in both power-generating units of the future power plant. Their design solutions allow to prevent nuclear power plant equipment from destruction during earthquakes and other emergency situations.   

In terms of scope and product sizes, this contract is similar to the one for Leningradskaya nuclear power plant-2 where the first batch of equipment manufactured by Votkinsky zavod has already arrived. This equipment is capable to withstand the load of 5, 10, 50, 300 or 450 ton (depending upon product type). 

It should be mentioned that three more product sizes – R-20, R-100 and R-170 will soon be put into serial production in addition to the five already serialized. Once pilot products have successfully been through acceptance testing and committees’ positive decision is available, the company will become qualified to serially manufacture shock absorbers in all sizes. 

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