Blocking valves (heat-resistant modification)


Advanced blocking valve for fuel-and-energy industry was designed under contract with JSC “Trading house “Votkinsky zavod”.

This new product is capable to withstand the temperature of working medium up to 565 °С and working pressure of 400 kgf/cm2.  As compared to other heat-resistant stop valves available in the Russian market, this blocking valve has minor throughput diameter (15 -25 mm).

According to designers, the first pilot model was totally identical in design to the serially-produced Steel wedged-gate valve ZKS (ЗКС), with one difference though - it was made of heat-resistant materials. However, it failed testing because the shutoff wedge was deformed as well as testing medium leaked through the seal between body and cover.

As a result of solution found, certain characteristics were obtained and prime cost minimized. The new product is competitively unique and will certainly be of interest for companies operating in oil and gas industry.


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