Quality system

    Licenses and Certificates

    Throughout the entire 256-year history of Votkinsky zavod as one of the oldest enterprises in the Urals region, special focus has always been maintained towards product quality as well as advanced quality assurance methodology.

    Established in 1759 by the Ordinance of the Empress Elisaveta Petrovna as iron manufacturing facility to manufacture ball iron, Votkinsky zavod has unique history. In the period prior to 1917, Votkinsky zavod received 23 medals, including 13 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals at international and domestic exhibitions in Chicago, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Nizhny Novgorod, Tiflis, Kazan and other cities for high quality of its products.

    Several of such products include: outstanding Badayev steel that exceeded in quality all the European steels known at that time; cannonballs recognized in 1812 as "reference cannonballs"; anchors and steamships, steam locomotives and bridges which were the best in the world and in Russia, first excavating machines and gold-mining dredges produced in the Soviet Union, best cannons of the Great Patriotic War (World War-II).

    At present, Votkinsky zavod is one of the industry leaders in development and manufacturing of products for oil and gas production, space technology, gas-compressing units and gas turbine power stations, equipment for chemical and petrochemical industry as well as products for handling and storage of highly explosive, flammable and toxic substances and mixes.

    In recent years, quite a number of contracts to manufacture equipment for nuclear energy facilities have been signed with nuclear businesses.
    All products manufactured by Votkinsky zavod are high-tech, research-intensive and unique.
    Votkinsky Zavod was one of the first businesses in Russia to implement Quality Management System (QMS) compliant with international and national standards ISO 9001, GOST ISO 9001.

    In 1997 QCB Inc. (Canada) issued ISO 9001 compliance certificate № 97-435. Our corporate Quality Management System has been repeatedly certified by international companies, such as QMI Limited (Canada), SAI Global Limited (Australia). Quality Management System certificate № QEC 27078 is currently valid.

    In 2000, based upon results of Quality Management System certification audit conducted by SOYUZSERT Certification Agency (Moscow), Votkinsky zavod received a certificate № 6300.310124/RU to design, develop, manufacture, provide designer supervision during production, maintenance, repair and disposal weaponry and military equipment as required by GOST R ISO 9001, SRPP VT, GOST RV 0015-002 and Regulations RK-88, RK-98, RK-11. Quality Management System certificate № 6300.311711/RU is currently valid.

    In 2009, our Quality Management System was certified for compliance with STO "Gazprom" corporate standards. Votkinsky zavod was one of the first businesses in Russia to receive compliance certificate № SK.0036-GP.

    Corporate quality assurance effort is an integral part of corporate management system.

    Votkinsky zavod annually conducts "The Best Workshop in Quality" contest among workshops as well as "Quality Excellence" contest among workers with awards given to winners. Votkinsky Zavod was awarded the "Product Quality Award of the President of the Udmurt Republic for 2005" per Decree of the President of the Udmurt Republic A.A.Volkov.

    Votkinsky Zavod has stood the test of time. Our employees have always used experience of their predecessors and parlayed it into current best practices. This synergy provides powerful momentum for present and future corporate success. In brief, our quality concept is: "Improvement of product quality - improvement of life quality of every employee".