1990 — present time

Chronology of events

1992 — In February Votkinsky machine-building plant reorganized into GPO «Votkinsky Zavod».

1994 — On December, 20 first tests of «Topol-M» ICBM completed.

1995 — On June, 8 Victor Grigorievich Tolmachev was appointed the General Director of «Votkinsky zavod».

1995 — Cooperation with JC «Udmurtneft» commenced. Preparation activities for manufacturing of clamping chucks KMU-50 and APR2-VBM, submersion pumps, four types of elevators commenced.

1995 — Manufacturing of high-capacity centrifugal pumps TsNS 63-1400 commenced.

1996 — The first two prototype models of ICBM «Topol-M» were successfully tested.

1996 — «Start-1», the missile carrier manufactured on the «Topol» basis to launch commercial satellites, was shipped off to the Customer.

1996 — Manufacturing of PDC drill bits commenced.

1997 — International Quality Management System ISO 9001 was implemented.

1998 — The first All-Russia Management Conference for managers representing military industry and fuel-and-energy industry took place at Votkinsky zavod.

1998 — In July Votkinsky zavod became a part of the Russian Space Agency.

1998 — Shipments of stationary «Topol-M» missile systems to Strategic Rocket Forces commenced.

1998 — New products for gas-and-oil industry are being manufactured, such as drilling towers and pumps, pressure controllers, ball valves, odorant tanks, etc.

1999 — On December, 28 the new turbine-driven generator of the in-house power plant had produced its first energy.

1999 — Prototype of CNC vertical-milling machine VM 133 was manufactured.

2000 — On February, 9 «Topol-M» ICBM launch was successfully made thus completing the silo-based systems test program.

2000 — On July, 13 «Topol-M» silo-based ICBM system was commissioned.

2000 — In October the third All-Russia Management Conference for managers representing military industry and fuel-and-energy industry took place at Votkinsky zavod.

2000 — «PrikamTest» testing facility owned by Votkinsky zavod was recognized by the Gosstandart Committee (RF Agency for Standartization) to be one of the best in Russia thus granting it the right to perform certification tests for more than four hundred product descriptions.

2001 — Votkinsky zavod obtained two licenses: for design and manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power plants.

2003 — In June cooperation with OAO «SverdNIIhimmash» commenced. Prototype components for nuclear power plants, as well as 8 machines for processing of solid nuclear waste were manufactured.

2003 — On August, 6 the RF Government Defense Order Meeting was conducted at Votkinsky zavod.

2004 — On September, 23 the successful launch of the first Bulava test missile was successfully completed in the White Sea.

2004 — On October, 20 Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, the RF Minister of Defense held a conference at Votkisky zavod regarding Government Defense Order issues.

2004 — On December, 24 the last launch of «Topol-M» land-mobile missile was completed successfully thus completing product testing.

2005 — Votkinsky zavod became a part of the Large Hadron Collider Program in Switzerland: our responsibility was to manufacture components for the wheel rim and detector hub.

2005 — In August Votkinsky zavod won three tenders of Parsons Inc., USA, to manufacture equipment for chemical weapons elimination facility in Schuchye, Kurgan region, RF.


2005 — In August the first assemblies (engine components) for the nuclear power plant Kudankulam, India were manufactured.


2005 — On September, 27 the first successful test flight of «Bulava» missile was completed.


2005 — At the end of the year, testing of «Topol-M» mobile missile system was completed successfully.


2006 — On September, 25 the second turbine of the in-house 4 MW power station was commissioned.


2007 — In January the successful launch of the first serial missile «Iskander» was completed.


2007 — In February Votkinsky zavod received the «Organization of high social Efficiency» award during the All-Russian contest.


2007 — On June, 26 the meeting of RF Military Industry Committee chaired by Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, the First Deputy RF Government Chairman, took place at Votkinsky zavod.


2007 — On November, 28 Votkinsky zavod was chosen as the «Enterprise of high financial efficiency» during the Seventh All-Russian Forum of Accountants and Auditors in Moscow.


2008 — On May, 9 «Topol» and «Iskander» missile systems took part in the military parade on the Red Square in Moscow for the first time.


2009 — On December, 5 Strategic Arms Reduction treaty (START) expired. The US Inspectors left Votkinsky zavod.


2009 — Votkinsky zavod has won the tender to manufacture hydraulic shock-absorbers for the Power Generating Unit I at Leningradskaya Nuclear Power Plant-2. Once the product was successfully commissioned, Votkinsky zavod commenced manufacturing of hydraulic shock-absorbers for the Power Generating Unit II at Leningradskaya Nuclear Power Plant-2 and Power Generating Unit IV at Rostovskaya Nuclear Power Plant.


2010 — In March components were manufactured for the floating electric power plant «Akademik Lomonosov».


2010 — In March contract with Scientific production association named after Lavochkin was signed to manufacture the mock-up of secondary mirror for the «Spektr-UF» extra-atmospheric observatory. Mock-up mirror is used in vibration and static testing.


2010 — On June, 1 FGUP «Votkinsky zavod» reorganized into JSC «Votkinsky zavod».


2010 — In December Votkinsky zavod became a part of JSC «Corporation «Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology»


2011 — On March, 21 Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the RF Prime Minister, held a meeting at Votkinksiy zavod regarding implementation of RF Government Armament Program for the period 2011 through 2020.


2011 — On June, 28 the first launch of «Bulava» missile from «Yury Dolgoruky» submarine was completed.


2011 — In July Votkinsky zavod received the honorable distinction «For Active Work in Patriotic education of RF citizens».


2011 — On December, 23 multiple launching of «Bulava» missiles from submarine «Yury Dolgoruky» while in underwater position was completed in the White Sea thus completing the product flight testing.


2012 — In September automated heat-treatment shop was commissioned.


2012 — On September, 1 the first «missile» education class at Votkinsk High School № 1 was set up.


2012 — Votkinsky zavod manufactured 18 liners — items for gas saving in the fuel tanks of artificial earth satellite’s engines for JSC «Central research institute of special materials».


2013 — On May, 30 Dmitrii Olegovich Rogozin, RF Deputy Prime Minister, held a closed conference at Votkinsky zavod regardimg Government Defense Order.


2013 — In September tool workshop for manufacturing advanced cutting tools using nanocoating technology was commissioned.

Directors of Votkinsky zavod:

1988-1995 Palyanov, Alexander Ivanovich


1995- Tolmachev, Victor Grigorievich