1900 — 1941

Chronology of events

1902 — Oil-transporting schooner «President Kruger» for the Kaspian fleet was built in the factory shipyard.


1922 — November, Votkinsky zavod shut-down, all buildings and equipment put in the «moth-balled» status.


1925 — September, 9. Factory re-commissioned after being in the «moth-balled» status for almost three years.


1925 — On June, 1 Votkinsky zavod became part of Joint Stock Company «Uralselmash».


1925 — Contract to manufacture 5000 threshing machines during the year was signed.


1927 — Votkinsky zavod commenced manufacturing of horse-drawn rakes, stumping machines, fertilizer spreading machines, reaping machines, flax-breaking machines.


1930 — In November the Directive of Supreme National Economics Council made Votkinsky zavod a direct report to the Heavy Machine Building Agency.


1931 — On December, 31 the first Soviet track-type steam excavating machine with bucket volume of 1,5 m3 was manufactured.


1933 — On March, 7 Votkinsky zavod became a direct report to the Heavy Industry Agency of the Soviet Union.


1934 — On January, 25 the first gold-extracting dredge was manufactured.


1935 — Votkinsky zavod had promptly manufactured ten 45-ton steam-driven railroad cranes under the urgent contract with Heavy Industry Agency of the Soviet Union.


1935 — Votkinsky zavod mastered to produce «Armko type» iron that exceeded in quality other similar products.


1936 — On May, 10 Water Management Agency of the Soviet Union signed the contract with Votkinsky zavod to manufacture soil dredges to be used in construction of Moscow-Volga Channel.


1937 — Votkinsky zavod became a direct report to the Armament Agency of the Soviet Union.


1938 — Manufacturing of 152-mm howitzer M10 commenced.

Directors of Votkinsky zavod:

1902-1908 Vorontsov, Vladimir Vasilievich

1908-1912 Afanasiev, Alexander Ivanovich

1912-1914 Bostrehm, German Ivanovich

1914-1916 Bukhteyev, Nikolai Mikhailovich

1916-1917 Bostrehm, German Ivanovich

1917-1918 Pshenichnikov, Vasily Alexeyevich

1918-1921 Board of Directors

1921-1922 Fokin, Vladimir Iliych

1922 Boyarnikov, Vladimir Petrovich

1923 Kozlov, Ivan Kirillovich

1923-1924 Klimenko, Semyon Stepanovich

1924-1925 Kilyakov, Ivan Nikolayevich

1925 Ilyin, Ivan Vasilyevich

1925-1926 Belousov, Nikolai Alexandrovich

1926-1928 Feoktistov, Ivan Philippovich

1928-1929 Kuznetsov, Terenty Semyonovich

1929-1931 Blednov, Andrey Georgieyvich

1931 Anikishin, Nikolai Alexandrovich

1931-1932 Zhukov, Mikhail Vasilyevich

1932 Yushkov, Pyotr Konstantinovich

1932-1937 Ivanov, Ivan Vasilyevich

1937-1938 Frolov, Fyodor Maximovich

1938-1941 Fyrsov, Dmitry Ivanovich