1759 — 1900

Chronology of events

1759 — September 21, Votkinsky zavod commissioned two hammers to produce first batches of iron.


1763 — On November, 15 Ekaterina II issued the Ordinance transferring Votkinsky zavod in state ownership.


1768 — August 11, contract was awarded to Votkinsky zavod to manufacture 12 thousands square arshins (1 arshin — 0,71 m) of roofing tin for the Tzar’s Village palaces outside St. Petersburg.


1779 — The Ordinance of Ekaterina II directed that manufacturing of Navy anchors shall begin at Votkisnky zavod. Construction of the large factory for manufacturing of anchors commenced.


1782 — First admiralty common anchors were manufactured. Anchors manufacturing facility had existed for 140 years at Votkisnkiy zavod.


1793 — Two new iron-roofed shops were built to accommodate 16 hammers and 18 forging furnaces.


1808 — Tool-shop was built that later evolved into mechanical shop. The tool-shop was equipped with 1 lathe, 2 drilling machine and 1 screw-cutting machine.


1812 — Semen Ivanovich Badaev had manufactured the first tool steel ever in Russian history.

1815 — The first brick iron-roofed commercial building was constructed.


1823 — In December one of the first technical libraries in the Ural region was opened.


1828 — December 12-25, the first Iron Fair took place at Votkinsky zavod. Merchants from Kazan, Moscow and Astrakhan came to procure iron.


1829 — On June, 19 mineralogy show-room was opened that later evolved into the first «factory museum» in the Ural region.


1831 — May-July, Votkinsky zavod participated in the first Moscow Exhibition, exhibiting octahedral, tetrahedral, round bar iron and band iron.


1832 — Construction of the big-size shop was completed to be later on named Nikolaevsky building. The «Tower» part of the building survived centuries and, along with Anchor, became the symbol of Votkinsk.


1837 — On January, 8 Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky, lieutenant colonel of the Mining Engineers Corps, the father of the great Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was appointed as a mining head of Kamsko-Votkinsky region. Under his leadership, growth in metallurgy and machine-building had commenced at Votkinsky zavod.


1837 — Large-scale manufacturing of puddling metal commenced.


1839 — Contract for manufacturing of metal products (iron, beams, etc.) for palaces under construction in St. Petersburg was completed.


1840 — May 7 (April, 25, Julian calendar), the great Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk.


1845 — Production of steel sheets to be used for ships commenced, each sheet 15 and more poods (1 pood — 16.38 kilograms) in weight.


1847 — On September, 6 construction of the first iron steam-boat «Astrabad» commenced.


1848 — On August, 1 the first District mining school was set up at Votkinsky zavod.


1858 — An important contract to manufacture and install the steeple for Cathedral in the Petropavlovskaya Fortress in St. Petersburg was completed.


1862 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded the Big Bronze Medal at the World Exhibition in London for its high-quality iron.


1863 — Kamsky armor steel shop to manufacture armor plates was commissioned. The quality of armor plates was not worse than that of foreign products.


1865 — Large scale production of Bessemer steel commenced.


1868 — Votkinsky zavod was the second in Russia to start manufacturing heavy steam locomotives.


1871 — On February, 18 the first open-hearth furnace in the Ural region was commissioned.


1876 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded Big Bronze Medals at both International Exhibitions in Paris and Philadelphia (USA) for its iron and steel products.


1882 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Moscow for its open-hearth furnace metal, anchor chains, copper and forgeable cast iron products, as well as freight locomotive.


1886 — Manufacturing of agricultural machines commenced (ploughs, harrows, threshers, straw cutters, etc.) commenced.


1886 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded two Russian Emperor’s Technical Society Gold Medals at the Kazan Exhibition for excellence in foundry and forged components for steam machines as well as iron products for bridges.


1887 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded three gold medals at the Siberian-Ural Research and Industry Exhibition in Yekaterinburg — for excellent quality and strength of plows of various systems as well as excellent quality of metal for bridges and boilers.


1890 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded four medals at the Year Exhibitions for high quality of agricultural appliances and metal products: gold medals at Exhibitions in Tiflys, Kazan, Ekaterinoslav, silver medal — at Penza Exhibition.


1891 — Votkinsky zavod went into railroad bridges manufacturing.


1893 — Votkinsky zavod was awarded Gold medal at the World’s Columbian Exposition (Chicago) for its high-quality metal products, models of various ships, agricultural appliances.


1896 — Votkinsky zavod was one of the first in Russia to extensively use Nikolay Slavyanov’s method of electrical welding.


1896 — On June, 28 the opening ceremony of the first railroad in Udmurtia running from Votkinsky zavod to wharf Galevo on the Kama river took place.

Directors of Votkinsky zavod:

1759-1762 Shuvalov, Pyotr Ivanovich


1762-1763 Shuvalov, Andrei Petrovich

1763-1764 Moskvin, Alexei Stepanovich

1764-1769 Irman, Andrei Avramovich

1769-1774 Venzel, Fyodor Fyodorovich

1775-1796 Managed by the State Chamber of the Vyatka Region

1796-1801 Avramov, Nikolai Fyodorovich

1801-1813 Deryabin, Andrei Fyodorovich

1813-1819 Mamyshev, Nikolai Radionovich

1819-1824 Sokolov, Andrei Ivanovich

1824-1833 Nesterovsky, Konon Yakovlevich

1833-1837 Grozgof, Eduard Bogdanovich

1837-1848 Chaikovsky, Ilya Petrovich

1848-1855 Romanov, Vasily Ipatovich

1855-1863 Iossa, Alexander Andreevich

1863-1865 Davidovich-Naschinsky

1865-1868 Arseniev, Alexander Ilyich

1868-1889 Timofeyev, Vasily Ivanovich

1891-1897 Milkovsky, Konstantin Kazamirovich

1897-1902 Troyan, Pavel Arkadievich