About us

Joint Stock Company Votkinsky zavod is one of the oldest Russian businesses. It celebrated its 255th anniversary in September 2014. Throughout its entire history Votkinsky zavod has always been among the most advanced enterprises in the country and consistently performed the most important government tasks. In different periods of history, Votkinsky zavod produced iron, anchors, sea and river ships, railroad bridges, steam locomotives, excavating machines, cannons, equipment for research and ship reactors, missiles and other sophisticated products.

As of today, Votkinsky zavod is a powerful machine building business with in-house facilities for metallurgical, mechanical assembly, welding, assembly, tool-making operations as well as testing facilities, logistics systems and advanced infrastructure operations.

Besides manufacturing products for the military, Votkinsky zavod also manufactures products for Customers in oil, gas, nuclear, chemical, tool-making, metallurgical, machine-tool and other industries.

Joint Stock Company «Votkinsky zavod» has all the operations licenses required by ROSTECHNADZOR. All equipment manufactured by Votkinsky zavod is subject to full cycle of tests, has all the required permits and certificates, including licenses issued by Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision of Russia enabling us to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. JSC «Votkinsky zavod» Quality Management System is certified and complies with ISO 9001:2008, GOST R ISO 9001-2008, STO Gazprom 9001-2006. «PrikamTest» testing facility has been set up on the company’s premises and has been registered in the Gosstandart’s Register of Russia.

Votkinsky zavod is open for cooperation with its customers and design companies in the field of equipment design and manufacture. Votkinsky zavod is proud of its 250 years of successful and challenging projects. Product requirements have been changing, new generations of personnel came on duty, what remains unchanged though is the Responsibility.

Operational and intellectual potential of our business had increased multiple times over recent years thus enabling business management as well as the entire Votkinsky zavod team to look confidently forward to the future and consistently perform required tasks.